New Psoriasis Treatment a Breakthrough Solution for Healing Psoriasis
New Psoriasis Treatment a Breakthrough Solution for Healing Psoriasis

We can help eliminate the thought patterns causing your Psoriasis!


You're one step closer...

Now you're one step closer to knowing why your body is doing what it's doing. And it's a short step from knowing the root cause to changing those thought patterns for good.
If nothing else, those thought patterns don't consciously sound like a great foundation for an enjoyable life, do they?
The trouble is, they're not conscious thoughts, they're buried in your sub-conscious and were probably created when you were very young. So, how do you go about changing them?
Well, that's where we come in.

Energy Healing Session

In one of our sessions, we'll go over ever single thought pattern and belief that's been associated with Psoriasis with you.
You give us a number from 0 - 10 for each one - where zero means that you feel nothing related to it, and 10 means that it completely sounds like you.
For each thought pattern we'll do some energy work with you until you tell us that same sentence feels like a zero.
Most clients say they feel lighter and freer with every unwanted pattern that we dissolve.
By the end of the session, none of the sentences will resonate with you.

Are you ready to break free from your Psoriasis?

Are you ready to let it go?
If so, book a session with us now and see what life is like when you don't feel the need to create armor!

Case Study

Our client booked an in-depth session with Karen where she addressed all of the thought patterns that were forming the deep-rooted sub-conscious beliefs that were causing the psoriasis plaques.
After this single session the client's skin continues to improve week after week.
Additionally, the client has noticed improvements in other areas too.
Client Testimonial

A session with Karen helped heal my psoriasis which I've struggled with for over 30 years. Two weeks after our session, my skin health improved greatly and continues to heal. It looks better than it has in years. Additionally, some other issues (anxiety, lack of confidence) seem to have disappeared too!

M. Severson
Psoriasis Sufferer
Before 1
Before 2
1 Week After Session
1 Month After Session

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